Friday, September 7, 2012

Yes! We have the official referral!!!

We are very happy to announce that we have received the official referral for the children and we are accepting it on Monday!  I wish I could show pictures!  They are an adorable group of children - 4 boys and 1 girl.  The two oldest are boys and the two youngest are boys.  The girl is right in the middle :)  I think she will be happy having Lyric as a sister! 

I'm not even sure if I can post their names here.  So for now, I'll use some initials.

The oldest boy I will call JayD. He is almost seven!  I am hoping that we can make it to Colombia in time for his birthday in November.  The paperwork says he likes to draw and play soccer.

The next I'll call Jay.  He is about 5 1/2 years old.  It says that he also likes to draw.

The next is our new daughter - Bee.  She just turned 4.  She looks very sweet.  The paperwork says she doesn't like the dark.  In the photo we have, her hair is up.  I can't wait to see it down.

Our next son we will call JayD2 because the initials are the same.  He is almost 3!  I think that we will miss his special birthday because it is next month.

And finally the youngest I'll call "Little One".  He will be a couple months shy of 2 when we travel.  He has very cute cheeks!

Now that we have the official referral for them, travel is right around the corner!  We are going to do our best to travel in November.  We have to get a few more pieces of paper sent between our country and Colombia before we can go.  If that doesn't get done as quickly as we would like it to, we won't be able to travel until January.  I think we are in for a whirlwind! 

Now that it's official and we are bringing our children home, I feel comfortable letting you know what some of our needs are for the children.  Many of you have asked what we could use.  I'll put a list together and put it somewhere on the blog.  Maybe I'll make a page b/c I like those now that I know how to do it.

Thank you for all the prayers that have been said on behalf of our family, our new children, and this adoption.  Thank you for rejoicing with our family for the referral of these children.  I am thanking God that we will soon be able to hold them in our arms.  That we will be able to love them.  To cuddle with them.  To read and laugh with them.  To provide for them.  Thank you, God.  Thank you for blessing our family.

Karen and family


  1. Rejoicing with you. Praying for the time to go quickly.

  2. Congratulations! We just found your blog! Maybe we will travel at the same time. We are going to Colombia to get our six siblings around Jan.7 May God Bless You All! We will be praying!