Saturday, September 29, 2012


Yeah!  Up until two days ago I wasn't really all that excited yet about traveling to Colombia.  I was excited about the children, just wasn't too interested in traveling yet.  But then for some reason on the way home from the dentist for our son, Tyler, it just hit me.  I started getting really, really excited about going.  I had this big goofy grin on my face for most of our way home.  Tyler must have thought there was something wrong with me!

Yesterday I received a wonderful call from our Officer with USCIS.  She was just letting me know that she had our documents and would be reviewing them that day.  So far my experience with the individuals at USCIS has been very positive.  They have always been extremely friendly and helpful - and most important, PATIENT with me!

Trying to be patient myself, I waited until about 4:30 today to call and check on the paperwork.  Another REALLY NICE officer answered the phone and checked on our paperwork.  She said our officer had everything approved yesterday.  And, she was very excited for us to be bringing the children into our home.  She asked their ages and was very happy that we are able to bring them into our family.

Then, about an hour after I made my call to USCIS my phone rang.  Any time we get a call from USCIS the only number that shows up on my cell is a three digit one: 816.  Why do I even allow the thought to cross my mind that the only reason they are calling is because there was some kind-of a mix-up and they would need more information???  I really don't like that type of a thought process from myself :(

It was our officer calling to give us GOOD news!  She wanted to let me know that we had been approved.  She said she finished reviewing the I800 paperwork yesterday, but then there is a lot of paperwork that she has to fill out on her end.  Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get it completed by 4:00 when the mail was picked up so it won't go out until Monday.  But we should have it in the mail next week.  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

Praising God for his goodness,


P.S. I updated the page for what we still need for the children.  We were able to narrow down a lot of the items thanks to many generous people.  


  1. Incredible that you are adopting a sibling group of 5! Blessings on your family! I'm not sure if your other adoption was of an infant or an older child, but keep in mind during the adjustment time period that adopting older children (especially those from another culture) will require a year for every year they are old for fully attaching and adjusting emotionally, socially, linguistically, etc.
    Best wishes!

  2. Hi Karen,

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    Matthew Lee