Friday, September 21, 2012

Our I800 papework was received at USCIS

Arriving home today I was excited to see a letter from USCIS in the mail.  Then I saw another letter.  And another... and another and another!  I can't believe I didn't get it right away that since we had filled out 5 applications (one for each child) we would be getting back five notices of action in the mail - I'm going to go ahead and blame that one on my head cold :)

We have been really busy since my last post.  Kevin and Tyler (our son) had the opportunity to help move some friends of ours all the way to Utah (we are in Indiana).  They went there and back again in only 6 days!  Kevin was the official driver of a Dodge truck with a trailer pulled behind it which was filled with chickens and other poultry, a few dogs, cats and other things. 

It was an awesome trip for the two of them.  They made some great memories and had some really good bonding moments.  I'm sure one of their favorites for years to come will be when they had a radiator hose blow out in Wyoming about an hour from our friend's new home.  It was late.  It was dark.  They didn't know anyone.  Thousands of stars were out.  I can't even begin to imagine it.  I'm really happy they could have this trip together!

While the guys were traversing across the country, the girls and I hit a few yard sales, moved around a bunch of bedroom furniture, and painted a bedroom.  Instead of musical chairs, we played musical rooms :)
Our oldest two girls will get to be roommates again.  The youngest two girls will share a room.  Tyler will finally not only get to share his room with one brother, but with two!  And then the two youngest boys will share a room. 

Through two seperate ministries, we have been blessed with a lot of needed items for the children - including clothing, two toddler beds (one is a really cool Cars one), and a crib!  I definitly need to get my list updated since I can cross off so many items.  Off the top of my head, our most needed items for the children now are bedding (two boy's twin beds, one toddler girl's bed, one toddler boy's bed, and one boy's crib), underwear and socks.  As soon as I can, I'll update our list of needed items.

This weekend we are busy having another fundraiser.  We are selling our goat milk soap at our town's annual festival.  We didn't do too well today (3 bars), but hope to do a lot better tomorrow.  There was a lot of rain this evening, and we found out that it was also the local homecoming night at the high school.

Well, time for me to get off this computer.  Each of us has been hit with head colds the past week.  Really glad it hasn't been anything worse than what it has been, but I do look a little funny with one of my eyes all swollen, puffy, red, and teary eyed from all the sinus pressure behind it.  These words are starting to get a bit blurry to me!

Night everyone!


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