Sunday, September 9, 2012


I think that should be a new word in the dictionary.  After all, I know many people that do it.  The definition could be: the act of going to multiple yard sales/garage sales with the intention of finding great sales/deals on items at deeply discounted prices. 

Yesterday, my two youngest daughters (for now!), Laurel and Lyric, got to go out to a few sales with the intention of getting a lot of needed clothing for our new children.  We did really, really well!  At each sale we went to that had items we could use for the children, I asked if they could take a little less if I bought a lot of clothing.  They all said yes.  We were down to $7.00 when we stopped at another sale that had clothing for boys galore.  I told them what we were doing and they asked if we had pictures - of course!  They asked what sizes we needed and commenced adding things to a pile for us - including a few pairs of shoes.  I told them I only had $7.00 left and if they wanted to take some items out of the pile because they wanted more for it that it wasn't a problem AT ALL.  The guy just grinned and continued to put the items in bags.  He said, "just take care of those little ones".  We will!

Today, I am making a great big, gigantic to-do list of everything that I can think of that we want to have done before we travel.  It keeps getting longer and longer and longer... I'm actually looking forward to getting things done :)  In the midst of getting the to-do list done, we will still be homeschooling.  I could use some prayers for that one.  I can get distracted easily by all the other things we need to do and let the teaching go to the wayside, which isn't so great for the kids. 

I'm also putting together a calendar in excel that I'm going to print off.  It takes us up through November so that we can kind-of schedule out what needs to get done and when.  Um... all the weeks left fit on one page - granted, there isn't a ton of space to write on each day, but still, it does all fit on one page!  That was pretty eye-opening to me.

I'm off to get more done!


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