Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just a "tidbit" of new information!

Tidbit or not, we will take all we can get!  Nichole let us know today that our dossier IS in Cali!  There is a sibling group that's going to be referred to us, but first their paperwork needs to go through the court system for them to get their adoption decree, which will allow them to be available for adoption. 

We have no idea how long this will take - maybe a month, or two, or three...  At the minimum, let's say we get the referral by the end of March.  It takes about two weeks after acceptance of a referral to get permission to travel.  So, the earliest we would travel would be the end of May/beginning of June.  That's at the earliest. 

There is some good news to all of this - there will be lots of time to go to garage sales for clothing and our garden will be pretty far along too!  There would be lots of fresh vegetables waiting for us when we got back!

Can you find Cali on the map?