Values Driven Realty, Inc.

Values Driven Realty is my husband's, Kevin Burgess, real estate company, and if you're looking to buy or sell a home in any state in the U.S. you should contact him first.  Really.  I'm not just saying that because he's my husband either :).  I'm saying it because he truly wants the best for everyone he works with and will always look after you.

You live in Indiana, so how can he help me if I live in another state?  There is a great program amongst Realtors called referrals, and it doesn't cost you a dime - except for the cost of the phone call to him :)  See, Kevin would talk to you first and find out what your needs are.  Then, he would do a ton of research to find out who is REALLY selling houses in your own neck of the woods.  He will talk to them and personally "pre-screen" them.  When he is satisfied that he can recommend to you two or three professional Realtors he will get you their names and contact information.  Then, all you have to do is contact them and choose the one that you believe would best represent you and your interests.

How would he get paid?  Kevin would get paid at closing when you either buy or sell your house.  You don't pay anything out of pocket.  It's simply a small referral fee that comes out of the commission costs (which you are already paying) for him giving the referral (you), to the other Realtor.  Realtors like referrals!

Kevin Burgess
Values Driven Realty, Inc.
Biz phone: 317-838-7988

I know this picture isn't the "professional" type of photo you usually see portrayed with Realtors, but I wanted to show you what kind of man my husband is - he's a good one, so go ahead and contact him today!

I love Kevin's face in this photo!  This was taken in Colombia, with 6 of our 9 children.

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