Saturday, May 29, 2010

Puzzle Fundraiser is almost done! Sponsor a piece today!

Our puzzle is gathering dust on a table in the corner of a room.  With only 217 pieces left to go (that seems like a ton of pieces but we started out with 750), I know we can do it!  Plus, I kind-of miss figuring out a new way to take a fun picture of it - I try to include chopsticks in every updated photo.  If you look back to some of the older posts you will see the kind of fun I was having.  I think the one where the pieces look like the face of a pig is cute!

How does it work?  For every $5.00 donated we add a piece to the puzzle.  When it is all done we will write the names of every one who donated to it on the back of the puzzle, glue it all together and hang it in our new daughter's room. 

I love this puzzle because it was made to look like the panda's are, oh!  I almost said what the finished product looked like!  (You can get an idea it from the picture - but it looks really neat when it is all put together, and I hope you will check back often to see how it is going!)

Thanks everyone!


Friday, May 28, 2010

No match.

I would have posted before now if we had been matched off the last list.  Nothing though.  No email, no picture, no call.  Have to wait another month...

One bit of good news is that a little girl who I would have loved to have had as a daughter found a family.  I advocated for her before on this blog.  She had waited for so long.  My husband and I had decided to ask our agency to find out if she was still available for adoption (because we wanted her).  Turns out she was recently matched with a family.

Is it selfish to say that I wanted her for myself?  I found out about the match on my birthday.  I know it is good that she will have a family soon. They are so blessed to be able to bring that precious girl into their family.   It also means that God has another little girl planned for us.  Can you guess that I am ready to find out who she is?

Waiting in Him,


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let the fund-raising begin - again!

Summer is coming and fund-raising is once again in the works!  This Friday I may be meeting with a couple of other moms who are also adopting and need to raise money to help ease the financial burden of adoption.  We will be doing a brainstorming session to come up with a few ideas that we can put together for this summer.  Some ideas so far include a huge yard sale along US 40, a pancake breakfast with a company called Chris Cakes, and a Longaberger Basket Bingo Party.   They all sound like a lot of fun to me, especially since the proceeds means that more children are able to finally have a family.

A new list of children available for adoption from China should be coming out within the next couple of weeks.  I'm praying that we will finally be able to see our new daughter's face this month.

On a good note, it seems as if once we do find out who our daughter will be we may get to travel to get her about a month sooner than what it would have been last year.  If we are blessed with the referral this month, we would probably be traveling in the fall to get her.  Laurel, our youngest, will turn 9 on October 17th.  It would be a lot of fun to celebrate with her in China!  (Oh my, the girls just found a lizard in our basement!  Ahh - it just landed on me when Carissa was showing it to me!  Now they are talking about keeping it as a pet.  Time for me to intervene!)

In His name,