Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Free Coffee Giveaway!

Post a comment here or
Send an email to kevkarb@yahoo.com for one entry,
If you would like two entries simply post a comment on your blog or on facebook with a link back to our blog/giveway.  Be sure to leave me the link of where you posted so I can count it as two entries.

That's all you have to do for a chance to win a free 14 oz. whole-bean bag of Honduran coffee!  For every 25 posts we will give away 1 bag of coffee!  (up to 4 bags)  Be sure to leave a way for us to contact you if we draw your name!  The last day will be on Tuesday, March 9th and we will draw names on the 10th.

Here is what the coffee label says:
"This 100% shade-grown, Arabica coffee is from the Marcala region of Honduras, known for producing premium quality coffee.  The coffee is high-grown at over 4,500 feet, producing the finest beans and giving this medium body coffee an exquisite flavor and a smooth finish.  This is a 14 oz bag of dark roast coffee, purchased from small, family-operated farms at a fair price."

If you would like to purchase a bag or two of the Honduran coffee we do have some bags left to sell.  We have them priced at  $10.00 a bag plus the cost of shipping.  Just shoot me (Karen) an email at kevkarb@yahoo.com and we can work out the details.

Thanks for visiting - and please spread the word about our giveaway to friends, family, yahoo groups... anyone you can think of :)

The Burgess Family

Monday, February 15, 2010

In the "Top Ten"!

Our family is officially within the "top ten" waiting families who are adopting from China through our agency - Families Thru International Adoption (FTIA)!  There are a few families ahead of us who are open to adopting a little girl up to 3 years old, but of those we are open to a few more special needs than what they are.  So.... this means we could see who our next daughter will be within about 3 months or less!  Makes me a little nervous!  Getting a referral and accepting it can be best compared to taking a pregnancy test and having it show positive!  I remember those first moments after finding out we were pregnant with Carissa (our first daughter) - all the feelings and emotions that came rushing in - I was happy, scared, joyful, and nervous all in a matter of seconds :)

On a side note - Kevin recently went to Honduras on a short missions trip to help a wonderful organization called Give Hope 2 Kids.  They have been working on setting up an orphanage in Honduras for about 3 years now and pray that in 2010 they are finally able to get permission to bring children into the homes they have built.  Their website is www.givehope2kids.org if you want to take a look at all they are accomplishing.  One of the things we like best about what they are doing is that they are striving to become as self-sufficient as possible on the land they have purchased for the orphanage!

Kevin was able to bring back some wonderful coffee from Honduras for us to sell for our adoption.  My next post will be about a free give-a-way for a bag of the coffee and will include directions on what to do if you would like to purchase a bag or two!

Thanks everyone!

Karen (aka The Burgess Family)

P.S. The puzzle is looking great -  Thanks everyone!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Started a new blog!

I am so excited about the new blog that Kevin and I were able to build called  The Gift of a Family.  Our main goal of The Gift of a Family is to raise money for our adoption and to donate towards other adoptions at the same time.  We have done this by becoming affiliates with some excellent character-based companies.  One is Lamplighter Publishing - a Christian-based company that sells excellent character-based books (which our family happens to love!).  Our other affiliate is called Just Love Coffee - a business that sells wonderful fair trade coffees from other parts of the world.  Not only do they donate to an orphanage in Ethiopia, but their only affiliates are families who are raising money because of adoption expenses.

We would love for you to take a look at our new blog at http://www.thegiftofafamily.blogspot.com/.  

If you are ever in need of some great reading material or a cup of coffee - please think of us :)

Thank you!

The Burgess Family