Monday, February 15, 2010

In the "Top Ten"!

Our family is officially within the "top ten" waiting families who are adopting from China through our agency - Families Thru International Adoption (FTIA)!  There are a few families ahead of us who are open to adopting a little girl up to 3 years old, but of those we are open to a few more special needs than what they are.  So.... this means we could see who our next daughter will be within about 3 months or less!  Makes me a little nervous!  Getting a referral and accepting it can be best compared to taking a pregnancy test and having it show positive!  I remember those first moments after finding out we were pregnant with Carissa (our first daughter) - all the feelings and emotions that came rushing in - I was happy, scared, joyful, and nervous all in a matter of seconds :)

On a side note - Kevin recently went to Honduras on a short missions trip to help a wonderful organization called Give Hope 2 Kids.  They have been working on setting up an orphanage in Honduras for about 3 years now and pray that in 2010 they are finally able to get permission to bring children into the homes they have built.  Their website is if you want to take a look at all they are accomplishing.  One of the things we like best about what they are doing is that they are striving to become as self-sufficient as possible on the land they have purchased for the orphanage!

Kevin was able to bring back some wonderful coffee from Honduras for us to sell for our adoption.  My next post will be about a free give-a-way for a bag of the coffee and will include directions on what to do if you would like to purchase a bag or two!

Thanks everyone!

Karen (aka The Burgess Family)

P.S. The puzzle is looking great -  Thanks everyone!

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