Monday, February 1, 2010

Started a new blog!

I am so excited about the new blog that Kevin and I were able to build called  The Gift of a Family.  Our main goal of The Gift of a Family is to raise money for our adoption and to donate towards other adoptions at the same time.  We have done this by becoming affiliates with some excellent character-based companies.  One is Lamplighter Publishing - a Christian-based company that sells excellent character-based books (which our family happens to love!).  Our other affiliate is called Just Love Coffee - a business that sells wonderful fair trade coffees from other parts of the world.  Not only do they donate to an orphanage in Ethiopia, but their only affiliates are families who are raising money because of adoption expenses.

We would love for you to take a look at our new blog at  

If you are ever in need of some great reading material or a cup of coffee - please think of us :)

Thank you!

The Burgess Family

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