Monday, September 20, 2010

From America, with love...

With every adoption, a mother and father hopes their child is being prepared for his/her new family.  We pray that Lyric is being prepared for us. 

Through many different adoption yahoo groups we have heard about a wonderful lady in China who owns a business called  Red Thread China.  Among other things, she organizes and sends care packages for adoptive parents to orphanages throughout China.  The picture we have below is the one we sent to Lyric.  There is one difference between what we ordered and what is being sent though - we didn't order the adorable doll.  Ann surprised us by adding it to the package at no extra charge.  What a wonderful blessing.  If anyone needs to send a care package to their son or daughter in China, I highly recommend using Ann from Red Thread China!

The package includes the doll, mooncakes for the staff and maybe for Lyric, a 24 exposure disposable camera, a soft photo album,  and a letter to the staff of the orphanage. 

The camera is so that the staff will take pictures of Lyric in the orphanage and with her friends.  We hope to get this back when we get her.  You don't always, but that is the hope.

The photo album has 10 pictures in it of our family, including one of Lyric.  Some adoptive parents have said their children never saw the album they sent, but they did get it back when they got their new child.  We will bring more pictures of our family when we go - including ones of Lyric's grandparents, our house, chickens and cats!

The letter to the staff at the orphanage thanks them for caring for the children and for Lyric.  It tells a little bit about our family, again with the hope that the staff share some of the information with our daughter.  I copied the letter below the picture.


Dear Caregivers,

Words can not describe the gratitude and appreciation we have for you providing for our daughter, Min Xin Yu, and the other children in your care.  “Thank you” is too simple a word, but we mean it sincerely.

Please let our daughter know that her family is coming for her soon.  We have pictures of her, and she has already been given many kisses and hugs!  She will have a mommy and a daddy, two big sisters (12 and 9) and a big brother (11).  We have a warm, soft bed all ready for her in a room that she will share with her sisters. 

Min Xin Yu will not forget China.  We will teach her about her heritage.  She will have an uncle and an aunt who live in China.  Her uncle is an American and her aunt is Chinese!.  They are very excited about Min Xin Yu joining our family.

Min Xin Yu will be loved and cared for by everyone in our family.  She is a blessing to us that we will cherish forever.

With grateful hearts,

The Burgess family.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We got our provisional approval!

We are one step closer to getting Lyric!  The next item we are waiting for is a letter from the National Visa Center that will confirm they also received our provisional approval.  We should get this next week. 

Since it is getting closer to the time we can travel, it is easier for me to post the rest of the steps we have to take before we get our travel approval:

We are now waiting for a letter from the National Visa Center - 1 to 1 1/2 weeks (by Sept 24th)
1 week for our agency to get our paperwork to China (by Oct 1st)
2 weeks for the Consulate to sign our Article 5 letter (by Oct 15th)
3 to 4 weeks for Travel Approval by (by Nov 12)
We will leave anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks after we get the Travel Approval (by Dec 17th!)

Not many steps left to the finish line!  I tried to be really conservative with the numbers because there are a lot of events/holidays that happen towards the end of the year in China that could slow down our travel.  Hopefully, I will be able to take off some weeks as time goes by.

For today, we are struggling with getting a passport-type photo of Lyric to send to our agency.  One photo is too big and another one has her hands in the photo.  We don't have many choices though.  Kevin is going to try to get it done today.  Then we can send in some forms with the photo to our agency and be ready when we get that letter from the National Visa Center, which we can just email a copy of to our agency.  I even heard of how some people have gotten the letter emailed to them and then they just forwarded it to their agency.  I'm going to look into this!

Talk to you soon,