Friday, May 28, 2010

No match.

I would have posted before now if we had been matched off the last list.  Nothing though.  No email, no picture, no call.  Have to wait another month...

One bit of good news is that a little girl who I would have loved to have had as a daughter found a family.  I advocated for her before on this blog.  She had waited for so long.  My husband and I had decided to ask our agency to find out if she was still available for adoption (because we wanted her).  Turns out she was recently matched with a family.

Is it selfish to say that I wanted her for myself?  I found out about the match on my birthday.  I know it is good that she will have a family soon. They are so blessed to be able to bring that precious girl into their family.   It also means that God has another little girl planned for us.  Can you guess that I am ready to find out who she is?

Waiting in Him,


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