Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paperwork is on the move!

Hopefully the children will see this picture that we sent.  It says, "See you soon."

Kevin and I have spent hours getting all the paperwork done the past few days.  We have filled out about 100 pages!  Then we scanned them all in and made copies of everything.  Our plan was to get all the paperwork to Nichole at Children's Hope (our adoption agency) on Thursday because we thought that she would get our paperwork in the mail from Colombia on Friday.  But she got it this morning!  That was fast!

Since she is going to be out of the office tomorrow, we are still going to get it to her on Thursday morning, but then she will overnight it to USCIS.  That is great news!  USCIS is the next major factor in this whole paperwork process.  While we have been approved to adopt a sibling group of 5, we haven't said what sibling group of 5.  So now USCIS gets to learn the children's names, ages, where they are, etc and approve us to adopt them. (One part that has me a little nervous is wondering if we filled all the paperwork out correctly.  There was A LOT of it, and we were up until 2:30 in the morning working on it...)

Now we sit back and wait.  Well, not wait exactly.  There is a ton of stuff to be done around here - namely getting their bunk beds built (we are doing one regular bunk bed and one triple), rooms painted, furniture arranged.... Then there is the nesting syndrome where all of a sudden everything that you have been meaning to get done around the house all of a sudden HAS to get done before you get your children - because you want to spend all your time concentrating on loving them and not working around the house :)  Somehow, you want everything perfect for when you bring them home.


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  1. Love following your story, Karen!!! :)

    100 pages of paperwork! Woah. We've already done hundreds of pages! ACK! Glad to know this is coming before it hits.

    Praying for you! :)