Friday, August 20, 2010

What a wonderful day for a "wok"!

Opened up my email today to such a wonderful surprise.  About a week or so ago I entered a contest on a blog at     (don't forget to head over and check out the blog!) where the writer, Cheryl, was hosting a giveaway for CSN stores.  Turns out - I won a $50.00 gift certificate! 

That $50 is going towards a wok with a steamer attachment.  I have been wanting a wok for a long time, but haven't bought one because it is more of a "want" then a "need", so now I have a good reason to go ahead and treat myself to a new cooking "tool".  Hopefully, I will be spoiling the rest of the family (and friends!) with some good food too!

I haven't tried them yet (looking forward to having them in China!) but I want to see if I can make something called "steamed buns".  They look really, really good!  Here is a link for a  Steamed bun recipe on  

Anyone for Chinese?

- Karen

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