Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Lyric Xinyu Burgess"!

I just want to snatch her right up!

So happy!
If you look closely, you can see her mismatched socks - she will fit right in here!

"Xinyu"  is her first name in China and will be her middle name here.  It means "fresh rain" or "new rain".  

"Lyric" is a name that is growing in popularity.  It basically means "words set to music".  It was originally Greek, meaning "sung with a lyre" and doesn't seem to have a traditional name meaning like "Karen" is said to mean "purity".  When I think of the name "Lyric", I think of "song of my heart" so now it officially has a meaning as a name :)  

Paperwork update!  Kevin is just now sending out our I-800.  This is the beginning of the process that allows us to get Lyric into the United States.  When I get a travel time-line figured out I will be sure to post it!

Please pray that we don't run into any issues with the I-800.  Lyric's medical says that she has low hemoglobin and hypoevolutism, but an update from the orphanage said that she was only delayed by about 12 months and that she does not have "disease of short stature".  We are approved to adopt a child that is healthy or with minor correctable medical needs, and we are hoping that she will qualify as such.  If not, we will need to send in our home study update (which we already have done) with about $340 to get her approved for her needs and this will delay our time-line.  So - praying that she gets approved!

In His name,



  1. She's adorable! Hope things continue to go smoothly!

  2. Hello--
    I saw your post on the Indiana Homeschoolers Yahoo list. My daughters are both adopted (through foster care) so adoption holds a special place in my heart.

    Having said that, if you do a tea, I'd love to donate a door prize. I make hairbows, headbands, jewelry for children, etc. Just let me know what your plans are! My email address is


  3. Do you have a button for your fundraising? We are adding buttons for fundraising families on - come check it out.

    And, your daughter is just adorable! Congrats!