Thursday, August 12, 2010

Experiencing really early adoption nesting syndrome!

I should really be organizing this next school year for the kiddo's (I have it written down on my calendar that we are starting this coming Monday!)  But, alas, I couldn't ignore the loud calling I kept hearing from the bedroom upstairs where our newest daughter will be sleeping.  Over and over again I heard "Clean me!  De-clutter me!  If you do it now, you will save time later!"  What could I do?  The "calling" kept getting louder and louder, and before I knew it I found myself heading up the stairs and into "the room". 

That was it.  The room had me.  I enlisted Carissa's help (oldest daughter) and we started re-arranging furniture.  Actually, we took the dressers out of the bedroom and put them in the room right next to it.  This other room served us well as a sewing/library/game room.  At one time it was a home office.  Now it gets to be a dressing room/sewing room! 

Earlier in the day, Kevin mentioned that maybe Carissa would like her own room - but I said she really likes sharing a room with her sister, Laurel.  They would miss each other - a lot!  Later on I asked Carissa about it - she wanted to stay where she was.  Oh, how I love that!

Their bedroom will have 3 beds and 3 nightstands.  Each girl also gets their own little nick-knack shelf on the wall next to their bed and we let them put up pictures/posters etc.  It isn't a big room, which is why we had to take out the dressers.  I have thought about getting bunk beds, but the way the room is designed they wouldn't fit very well.  We will have to decide if we want to get a toddler bed or a twin bed.  One with drawers underneath would be nice but I would also like it big enough for me to cuddle with her in it - which is why I am leaning towards a twin even though it would take up a bit more space.  As it is, I already know that I'm going to have to find something to hold Carissa and Laurel down in their own beds while I get cuddle time with their new sister!  Carissa is already planning her strategy on how they can hop/jump from one bed to another and all end up in the same one!

My plan with de-cluttering and re-organizing the bedroom now is so the girls don't have too many adjustments at one time.  A few months ago I had them make drawer-space.  We are trying to ease them into having another sister.  I think it even helps Tyler, their brother, ease into it a bit as well.  He was a bit surprised today to see the bedroom re-arranged.  (Someday soon, I pray, we will have a brother for Tyler and another son for us!)

I will leave you now with another picture of our sweet girl in China.  It is one of my favorites.  When I get the other ones ready I will post those as well.


  1. What a doll!! Hope I am in your shoes sometime soon, but right now I feel like I'm just stuck!

  2. Congratulations! We are blessed with a little girl from China too!

  3. I've enjoyed looking over your blog and I love all your fundraising ideas. They have really inspired me! I hope your wait for your daughter is coming to an end!