Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Updated paperwork/yard sale

Kevin and I have completed what we needed to for our home study addendum, but as it turns out, some of our paperwork had just expired - by days.  We had to fill out papers for another CPS (Child Protective Services) check as well as another background check in our county.  No big deal on getting it done and everything went smoothly.

I wanted to tell you about the yard sale we just had with two other ladies who are adopting as well.  One family is adopting 3 from Ethiopia and one family is adopting from Congo.  The days of the sale were really, really, hot and humid, and it was a lot of working getting everything done - but again, we were blessed to see God's hand at work.  At one point, because we had so many items left to sell, I made up a sign that said Adoption Fundraiser, went to a very busy street corner and walked back and forth - praying - and hoping nobody would come tell me that I couldn't hold my sign up where I was.

I knew the sign was drawing people in because I got a "thumbs-up" at one point from some ladies driving in a car with big grins on their faces and even had people stop to ask where the sale was.  I did this for about 1 hour and 45 minutes with a break 1/2 way.  I remember praying that someone would come to make a larger donation (I was kind-of thinking in the $1,000's of dollars range but, hey, we would take anything!).

When I got back to the sale a lady came up with her small son.  She asked us some questions and said that he was adopted - the cutie that she was holding.  After more questions, she put her had in the donation jar and said she made a donation and then went on her way.  A few minutes later, Katherine (the one adopting from Ethiopia), reached in the jar and we saw that there was a $20 added to the other $1.00 bills.  I asked her to take out the $20 to see how much was there - the woman, who I believe was used by God, had given us ten $20.00 bills - $200.00!  Can you believe it?  I can.  It wasn't the $1,000's that had crossed my mind earlier, but it was that larger donation that I had prayed for.  God IS Good!

At one point while I was away from the sale holding up my sign I guess some people drove by in their car and threw some money out the window!  I never found out how much it was, but I wish I had been there to see it!  I guess they yelled something like, "Happy getting babies!"  What a hoot!  I want to do that for someone else some day!

Time to clean up around the house a bit and make a grocery list - I'll post more about the orphanage fundraiser that we are going to be starting soon.  I'm really excited about it!  "Thank you gifts" or "Prizes" are involved where those who donate to the orphanage have an opportunity to win something.  One of the "thank you gifts" is a brand new machine sewn quilt from Texas that my mom donated.  It is beautiful - and later on I will post pictures.

'Till next time -

Karen and family

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