Monday, July 19, 2010

It's been a long time since I last posted!

Sorry for not posting sooner than this about the few things that have happened within the last month or so!  I'll try to give you a brief rundown now.  We did get a referral last month and although it was hard to do it, we decided to turn the referral down..  The little girl was 14 months old and had some special needs that we weren't familiar with and we didn't know the extent of what those needs were.  It's hard to make a decision like that.  Once you have a child you will do whatever you can to provide for them and give them the best that you can.  But with adoption, you have a choice - and it isn't always easy.

We had to make that choice a second time today.  There is a little girl with a diagnosis of CHD (has to do with her heart, which was repaired) and an umbilical hernia.  The repaired CHD wasn't a problem, neither was the hernia or the club foot, but looking more closely at her file it seems there are a host of other things that aren't quite right with her.  These needs, again, are ones that we felt our family would not be able to provide the best care for. 

So tonight... tonight a new list of children comes out.  I am praying now that we not only get a referral from that list, but we find out who our future daughter will be as well!

I'll try not to let so much "grass grow under my feet" before I post again!

In His name,


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