Monday, July 26, 2010

We LOVE how God works!

Well, Thursday morning Kevin and I were down in our basement working on getting our Letter of Intent together to adopt "Min" when our agency emails us that they just received an update from the orphanage in China and to stay by the computer - that they would send it shortly.  Boy, did we stay by the computer!

I have to admit, I did start getting a little nervous.  In the past, whenever we asked for an update on a child, the update always came back that there was something a bit more severe with the child than what we thought we could personally provide the best care for - so with this soon-to-be-arriving update, I was nervous.  We had already decided that she would become our daughter, no matter what.  We would provide the best care for her that we could, but still the doubts crept into my mind that her need(s) would be more severe than we thought we could properly care for.

Minutes passed (which seemed like A LOT longer!) when we received the update.  It said that she does have a physical and mental delay of about 12 months, but that the People's Hospital of China believes that she only needs to have good nutrition and nursing in order for her to catch up.  She does not have disease of small stature (which is a part of the hypoevolutism diagnosis), her body is in proportion, just tiny compared to other children her age.  We do not know about the low hemoglobin diagnosis, but will have her retested once we are back in the states. 

I love the way that God confirmed this adoption.  We had already decided to adopt Min, no matter what issues she had,  and were in the process of sending in our Letter of Intent, when we received the updated information - and it was a great update!  Yeah!

Also, we had an adoption fund-raising sale this last weekend in which I will post more about later.  Once again, God worked in wonderful ways!

Please bear with me as I am updating the blog! 


Karen and family

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