Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our dossier made it to China and was logged in!

I had a very nice surprise this afternoon when I opened my email to find a message from our adoption agency.  It said that our log in date (LID) was on 3/25!  Our agency must have worked fast on translating the documents.  I didn't expect to get that LID until next week, so I wasn't even looking for it! 

What makes this date so important to us is that now we can get a referral from the next list of waiting children that is released - (if there is a child who meets our "parameters" and if there aren't families ahead of us with the same parameters - like the age of a child and requested special needs).  So when does the next list come out?  It could be released in about 2 weeks!

I'm off to read some history and science to the blessings we already have - out on the deck on a beautiful, warm sunny day!


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