Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If all our paperwork is not correct then...

we scramble to get it all done correctly so it can still be sent out this Thursday!  With everything we have to remember with the adoption paperwork I neglected to pay attention to when I originally got my Lab work done.  It was done - oh, about a year ago...  and it's only good for a year, so - it's off to the doctors we go!  I need to get an HIV test, a urinalysis, and blood test that checks for Viral Hepatitis and Liver Function.  Kevin had to get this done as well, but he had his done later in the year so his is still good.

There is a blessing in all of this scramble to get the lab work done - we don't have to get it notarized, authenticated by our state and again authenticated by the Chinese consulate before we send it in.  Otherwise, it would have been at least another month before we could send in our dossier.  Our doctor just has to sign the lab work and we can get it to our agency - that is a big relief and a blessing!

The Burgess Family

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