Thursday, November 17, 2011

Please help us in the Kohl's Love to Give Contest! We need your vote!

Our family has an entry in the Kohl's Love to Give Contest and we need your vote!  If you are on Facebook or would like to join up, you can vote for us each day until November 28th.  If we are one of 200 entrants to be chosen, we could go on to the Finalist Contest!  Votes count for 10% of the judges decisions.  If we make it to the Finals, I think the number of votes each entry has is how they determine the winners.

Here is a link to our page: Her belly wasn't full.

Just follow the link, sign in to facebook, "like" Kohl's, and click the big "vote" button.  Really simple!  Oh - and please share the link with others.  That will help a lot!

This is pretty much what our entry looks like:

Her belly wasn't full.

At 3 yrs old, Lyric didn't know how to feel full & kept eating & eating, not knowing how to stop. She’s better now, but it took about a year before she knew that food was always available and that she wouldn’t go hungry. We adopted Lyric in Dec. 2010, and she is one of the inspirations for our family of 6. On our own, we can't provide for all the orphans, but we can provide for a few. We have been approved to adopt a sibling group of 4 – I can’t wait to shower them with love, hugs – and food!

Thank you for helping us!

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