Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dossier is on its way!

Our agency emailed this morning to say that our dossier was on its way to Colombia!  It will get there in 7 to 10 days and then it will be translated.

In the meantime, we are busy with 4H projects and gardening.  This is Laurel's first year in regular 4H and she is the most excited about electric and woodworking.  Carissa enjoys photography the most and Tyler likes electric.  This year he gets to wire his own lamp!

We got a late start on our garden this year b/c it's the first time we put one in.  We had to grind down the stumps from the trees we had cut and then we dug out the roots.  Then, we had to wait for all the rain to stop and finally we got to plant!  The three oldest children have their own garden plots.  So far, Laurel is the only one who has gotten to pick anything out of their garden - radishes!

Besides the garden, we now have one cat, a ton of chickens including a mama hen and 5 babies, 2 guinea hens, 2 rabbits, and 6 baby turkeys.  The cat kills the mice and snakes.  The chickens give us eggs.  The guinea hens eat the bugs and let us know when there are "intruders", the rabbits give us fertilizer for the garden, and the turkeys will be filling our bellies when they get bigger!  Ahhh, we are truly blessed.



  1. Sounds bountiful! Congratulations on getting the dossier out.


  2. Congratulations! We are CHI family too having adopted our son from Guatemala and our daughter from Colombia in 2006. Colombia is AMAZING! Looking forward to following your journey