Saturday, October 23, 2010

Orphanage Donation update and waiting for travel approval!

Call me crazy, but I really enjoy putting together yard sales (and not only because of the financial blessings we receive from them!)  I enjoy them because I get to meet and talk with so many wonderful people.  I pray that we were able to touch the hearts of some who we spoke with as much as what mine was touched!

If you take a quick look at the Orphanage Donation Tracker on the right side of the blog you'll see that we have already been blessed with raising just over $600 for the orphanage donation!  A huge thank you to everyone who donated and/or shopped at the sale!  We saw many people who donated even though they didn't buy anything and many who donated more than what we were asking.  People stopped to shop just because they saw our signs that said "Child Adoption Fund-raiser"!

On the left side of the blog are what I call "Thank you gifts".  Everyone who donates online, by mail, or in person for the orphanage donation will have their name entered into a drawing for the chance to win one of these gifts.  Not everyone will win (sorry!), but please know that you do have our sincere thanks and gratitude for the donation.  The donation is really also a fee for our adoption - so not only do you help the children, you are helping us as well.  It goes right to the orphanage where our daughter has lived since she was about 3 weeks old (she is now about 3 1/2).  We are praying that we raise way more than the required monetary donation, that way we can purchase and take with us physical items I'm sure they need more of - like jackets for this winter, diapers and formula for the babies, and shoes!

On the right side of the blog is where I'll post the names/blogs/websites of the individuals who donate items that are offered as the "Thank you gifts".   Please be sure to visit any links!  Anyone who would like to donate a "thank you gift" can send me an email at 

If you want to be updated when we add to the blog, just fill in your information on the right side under where it says "Subscribe to Orphanage Fundraiser", and you will be emailed when we update the blog.

Oh - ways to donate can be found on the right side of the blog.  You can donate online through the chip-in button, mail a donation, or you can even make a tax-deductible donation!

On a final note - we are now waiting for Travel Approval from China to go get our daughter!  Yeah!

With sincere thanks,

The Burgess family

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