Thursday, October 14, 2010


This is the approximate amount we need to raise for the orphanage donation/fee.  It is called a donation, but it is really a set fee and will be determined by the exchange rate when we travel.  It goes right to the orphanage in Liupanshui City where our daughter has been living for the past 3 years of her life.  Our daughter, Lyric, won't benefit from it because she will have her family.  It is for the children that are left behind.  Some of these children will be blessed with families.  Many won't.  In China, orphans are allowed to be adopted internationally until their 14th birthday.  After that, I believe they can only be adopted in China until their 16th birthday.  And after that, no one.

$5,250.  That's what we have to raise.  It isn't what we want to raise.  We want to raise more than that.  When we are in China we will be going to our daughter's orphanage in Liupanshui City.  We have to see where she has lived for the past 3 years of her life.  She has been fed there.  She has been clothed there.  She has been held there.  We want to leave something concrete, like books, clothing, shoes, or educational toys.  Anything we raise, any donations beyond the $5,250 will be put towards purchasing supplies for the orphanage.  We are blessed with so much.  To be able to give, it's, well, it's good that we have the opportunity to do so.

This weekend we are having a fund-raising yard sale, and anything we raise will be put towards the orphanage donation/fee.  On the 30th of this month we are also having, with two other adopting families, a tea-luncheon.  I'll post more about the luncheon later, but the proceeds from that will be split with the two other families.  Our share of the proceeds will also go right towards the orphanage donation/fee.

If you would like to make a donation you can do this through the chip-in button on the left or you can send it to us at:
Kevin and Karen Burgess (Adoption)
P.O. Box 456 
Plainfield, IN 46168

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation we have been able to set up an account with a wonderful not-for-profit called Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries.  Their website is  You can donate through their website by going to the "donations" button on the top right and then clicking on "Family Grant Donation" or you can mail a donation to:
Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries
1417 N. Lincoln St.
Spokane, WA 99201

All donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Checks must be made out to:
Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries and please, do NOT write our name anywhere on the check, but include a note saying where you would like the money to go (to the Burgess family). If you have any questions you can call them at 509-465-3520 or their email is Just let them know you would like to make a donation for Kevin and Karen Burgess.

Please stop back by soon.  We are in the process of collecting some thank you "gifts".  Anyone who donates to the fundraiser from now until Thanksgiving Day (not including at the yard sale or tea-luncheon) will have their name entered into a drawing for an opportunity to win one of the gifts.  Some of the gifts include a gas card for $50.00 to Speedway gas station, DVD's and whole-bean coffee from Honduras!  I'll post pictures soon.

We would also appreciate prayers for the success of raising the orphanage donation/fee and for a smooth adoption journey.  Thank you!

The Burgess family

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  1. Hi there,

    I have a new Christian book called Orphans and the Fatherless. I would like to make it available to Christian couples wishing to adopt. Basic concept: you buy 50 at 50% off and then give them to those who give a minimum donation of $25. You can bring in over $1,000 that way...

    The website is