Thursday, October 8, 2009

Paperwork is moving along!

We just received in the mail a letter saying that the CIS office in Chicago received our check and application. (In adoption language - Our I-800A was received at the Chicago consulate on Sept 30th and we received back our I-797C- Notice of Action today on October 8). They are reviewing the application and will send us our fingerprint appointment date in the mail. The fingerprint appointment is officially called "biometrics appointment". "Biometrics" seems so much more official, and I am excited to go get them done. Now I will be anxiously waiting for the appointment date to come in the mail - maybe within another week! I'll let all of you know when we get to go.

In the mean while, I will spend my time teaching the kids, cleaning the house, and avidly reading the blogs of other families who are in the process of going to get their child or have already gone. I am learning so much from reading them. For instance, did you know that little children in China often wear what is called "split pants"? It is so that when they have to go - they can just go! Certainly saves money on diapers and pull-ups!

In His name,

The Burgess Family

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