Monday, August 10, 2009

Who's timing is perfect?

God is amazing, isn't He? Two weekends ago when we went to Michigan for our annual Minthorn family camping reunion, I kept saying to Kevin that we were going to get an offer on a house that he had listed. I was sure we would get an offer over the weekend - I told Kevin that many times! Well, the weekend ended and we didn't get an offer... but, on Monday we went to our doctors to get our medical paperwork completed. Kevin had to get bloodwork done (mine was still good from a previous appointment), and three of us had to get tested for TB (me, Kevin and Tyler - the girls had been tested before). In the middle of the appointment, Kevin received an offer on the house! So who's timing is perfect? Gods! By allowing the offer to come through while we were at the appointment for our adoption, He was reaffirming to us that we were in His will by adopting a little girl from China.

One of our next steps is to get all of the documents that we had to get notorized, certified. Because we were born in Michigan, we have to send the documents that originated from there to the "Office of the Great Seal" in Lansing. It may take two weeks for us to get them back. All of our other documents can be certified here in Indiana - in Indianapolis. Tomorrow we will get the Michigan ones sent out and try to get to downtown Indy to get the rest certified.

We are hoping that our social worker will be able to get our home study finished this week so we can get it to our adoption agency for review. Then, hopefully, we will be finished with any and all revisions by the end of next week.

Until next time,

The Burgess family

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