Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Homestudy visits are done - onto the medicals

We finished our homestudy visits with a wonderful social worker about a week ago. She is just waiting on a couple more items from us in order to finish putting it all together. As a family, we need to get to the doctors and get our medicals completed as well as decide on what types of special need(s) would best fit into our family lifestlye - and which we would be able to care for in the best manner. For example, a family that is active in sports and outdoor activities may find that adopting a child who has brittle bone disease may not be the best option for them or the child.

Having to decide on what type of special need(s) we would accept is not an easy decision. It is also a difficult decision because there are so many, many children who are available for adoption and the majority of them will Never have a mom and dad to call their own. All of these children deserve and need a real home where they can be shown the love and affection that every child deserves to have.

Please continue to pray for us as we continue down this road toward our new daughter. Please also pray for her, for she is alive. She has already been born - and as you read this she is likely fast asleep - somewhere in China. As a family, we pray that someone gives her a hug today and shows her love.

Looking towards Him,

The Burgess Family

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