Friday, May 8, 2009

God answers the little children!

What a glorious God we have! As a family, we have been selling some hostas out at the road for a little extra cash to pay for some of the expenses we have for the adoption. Laurel, Tyler and I were on our way back from putting out some hostas this last Tuesday when Laurel said she wanted to pray. She said she wanted to pray for there to be $40 in the coffee can when we got back from our home study. We walked up the driveway praying for God to work it so that there was EXACTLY $40 in that coffee can when we got back.

We went to the home study and came home to check the coffee can. Guess what? There was EXACTLY $40 in the can! I am so thankful to Him for answering her prayer! Not b/c of the money, but for showing Himself in so clear of a way.

And if that wasn't enough... we had to head out again later that same day. I went out to replace those hostas that were sold and met a lady at the end of the driveway. She said she had already paid for one hosta and was going to get another. I thanked her and told her that all the money would go towards our adoption expenses. She found a hosta she liked, put money in the can and drove away. I looked in the can. There were five one dollar bills and on FIFTY dollar bill! Did she make a mistake and mean that fifty to be a five? I thought so at first, BUT I soon found out that while I was talking to the lady, the kids had been up at the house eating ice cream and talking... and they prayed! The kids told me that they had prayed before I talked to the lady that we would have over fifty dollars in the can! That wasn't a mistake - that was God.

In His name,


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