Sunday, March 17, 2013


Well, I know I said I would get some pictures on here.  And I will.  Soon.  I just have to copy them over from my husband's computer onto this one, and then we will get some posted.  Sorry!  It is on my to-do list!

I am extremely busy during the day cleaning, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning... did I mention cooking? We eat often!  I was completely spoiled in Colombia by being blessed with Rosario cooking for us.  Then we get home and for 3 weeks we get dinner brought to our door.  I am way out of practice.  Can you believe I have not made a grocery list since we have been home?  (That's on my to-do list also!) I just keep pulling things out of the freezer that we froze from our garden two years ago - carrots, zucchini and such.  Plus, we have lots of rice and beans stored. 

The thought has actually crossed my mind that we could just skip a meal.  I mentioned this the other day to our Colombian kids.  The one that understood me, Jaime, just grinned and shook his head no at me.  So I fed them :)

Right now, I'm protesting.  There are a bunch of dishes calling to me from the kitchen, but I'm drowning all the yelling out (from the dishes) with the aching of my legs and arms and with how nice it is to be typing on this blog again! 

My arms and legs ache because Kevin and I were outside, with Tyler, for many hours today hauling wood and clearing an area for our buck, a Nigerian Dwarf goat who has yet to be named, and who is about 7 months old.  I am very excited to breed him to our two Mini-alpines, Velvet and DD.  We also have a full size Alpine, Alana, who is in milk, and her 1 month old buckling.  The buckling we will sell.  I REALLY like getting fresh milk from Alana.

Which reminds me, I need to get myself out of this chair to go feed Alana...  I'll go ahead and post this now because I have no idea when I will sit myself down in this chair again :)  Hopefully, soon!

Oh, we are going to start making our goat milk soap again tomorrow.  We are going to be making it and selling it as a family business.  If you have any favorite scents, be sure to let me know!  In addition to the soap, we will soon be trying our hand at goat-milk lotion.  I just need to get a couple more ingredients. 

Talk to you later! 


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