Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday (and Tuesday!) Fundraising Sale Special!

We decided to get in on all the fun of Cyber Monday (and Tuesday!) and put together our own special deal!  For today and Tuesday only, place your order for our already discounted special of 5 bars for $25.00 and get your CHOICE of either a  FREE bar of soap (you pick!) OR a fun, home-made CRACKED-CORN BEDWARMER made by our two oldest girls! We will offer this special only until midnight (November 27th) so don't delay, and be sure to order today!  All proceeds go towards our adoption of a sibling group of 5 children.  Their names are David, Jamie, Briyic, Diego and Brayan.

To view our fundraiser and our available bars of soap please click here and email your order to Karen at  Thanks for looking!

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