Saturday, August 11, 2012

So close to having everything sent in!

Thursday we were able to get the results of all of our tests!  Unfortunately, our doctor was out and not back in until this coming Tuesday :(  I was quite a bit disappointed and tried to see if anyone else at the office would sign the paperwork and they said "No.  I'm sorry.  It has to be your primary doctor."  So I left the office in a bit of a huff with slightly glistening eyes, but after venting a bit to my husband I soon calmed down - and I thank him for it!

I am trying to stay busy this weekend, but I find my eyes wandering to the children's pictures more and more often.  We have them taped to the wall in our kitchen so I pass by them often, but it is usually at night that my heart and thoughts are drawn the most to them. 

One of my biggest prayers is that the children are able to attach easily to our family - to be able to trust us and to love us.  I can't even begin to imagine what they will be thinking or feeling, what fears they may have when we come to get them.  Not only will they be around a bunch of people who don't easily speak their language, but we will be whisking them away with us to a "new" temporary place (apartment/hotel) for them to live with us.  They won't even have the opportunity to gradually get to know us.  They will also need to learn how to live and interact with one another again because the five of them are not living in the same home together.  I think that is very sad after everything they have been through so far.

Praying for five little ones,


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