Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Annual Homeschool Used Book and Curriculum Sale Tomorrow!

I know I am really, really late in getting this out, but I still need to do it!  I'll post more later about what is going on with the sibling group of 5, but for now I want to tell about the book sale that is, gulp, tomorrow!

Every year we organize a homeschool used book and curriculum sale at Plainfield Christian Church in, you guessed it, Plainfield! (Indiana).  The sale is from 10 to 2 (Thursday, May 24th), and this year it is going to be bigger and better than ever!  We received so many requests for tables to sell books at that I had to ask PCC (Plainfield Christian Church) if we could get more tables set up - and they said yes!  There will be over 55 tables set up tomorrow - all filled with great buys on books, curriculum, games, puzzles... a homeschool mom's (and sometimes dad's) dream!

So... I'm so sorry this is late in getting to you, but I really hope that someone out there will benefit by it!


Whoops!  Forgot to mention an important part!  Our family will be selling the food at the fundraising food booth (there is always one food booth at the book sale that is used for fundraising of some type).  If you can make it - come hungry!  All proceeds go to our adoption expenses, which help give some children a home and family! And some parents (us) some more children!  And our children - more siblings :)

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