Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our dossier will soon be on the move!

We heard from our agency this past week that our dossier is back in Bogota and will soon be heading off to Cali, which means they probably have a sibling group they would like to refer to us!  I'm really, really excited about this but am trying hard to keep my mind focused on my responsibilities around the house and with the children.  I know that as soon as we accept a referral it will be really hard for me to concentrate on anything else but getting the house ready (Nesting syndrome!) and envisioning our new family together. 

I think, if we were to get referral information around the middle of February (just a guess, I really don't have any idea on when we would get the referral), then the earliest we would likely travel would be the middle or end of April.  We may have time to put our garden in, and maybe I'll be able to hit a few yard sales!  Spring is also a much better time for us to be away from our animals.  We may end up just putting them all in a truck and taking them to a friends house to care for while we are in Colombia.  That would make it a lot easier on our friends!  We have a bunch of chickens, rabbits, turkeys, two guinea hens and soon to be two cats.

Please keep our family in your prayers, as well as the children we are to adopt and the ones we had to say we couldn't adopt.  We are in the process of applying for grants, including a matching grant, which could really help pay for a lot of the adoption costs. I'm excited to see how God works all of it out! 


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