Monday, September 19, 2011


We just got a call from Nichole from Children's Hope - WE WERE APPROVED!!!  Wahoo!!  Kevin and I were a little nervous.  Nichole called and left a message for us to call her.  We called her right back but she was already in a meeting.  Sneaky, bad thoughts soon started to enter our minds (well, they did mine).  Were we approved?  Do they need more information?   And the worst - could we of been denied????  Bad, bad thoughts.  About a 1/2 hour later she called back and gave us the good news :)  Why did I ever let those thoughts into my head?

So what happens now?  Nichole emailed their representative in Colombia to see if our dossier was already sent to a region.  Once it is in a region, they will review our file to see if there are any children available who could be referred to us based on our dossier.  If there are - we get our referral!  Once that happens, it takes about 2 months for all the paperwork to get done so we can travel.

It is still possible for us to travel by the end of the year.  We would have to be in Colombia by about Nov. 20th in order to get the adoption completed in 2011.  If not, we might have to wait until January to travel.  Funny, we traveled on Thanksgiving day in 2010 to get Lyric in China - could it be that we travel Thanksgiving weekend to get the newest members of our family???  Whenever we get our children, it will be with God's perfect timing.

Praising our Lord!