Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home at last!

Brrrr!  It was really cold getting out of the airport in Indy!  Everyone had to bundle up in their jackets and hats and Lyric thought it was really cold on her face when we got out in the wind.

A good friend of ours, Joe (Thanks!), picked us up at the airport in his van so he was the first one to meet Lyric and to see our weary, sleep-deprived bodies.  Our friends were meeting for house church at the time we arrived so we had Joe take us over to the Mast's house to fellowship for a bit and to introduce Lyric.  We got to share some candy we had brought back with us and some other Chinese food.  I think we even shared some airplane food - packaged tofu!  Ahh, we also split up a moon cake for everyone to try. 

Before too long, our eyes were growing heavy (jet-lag was settling in) and we had Joe take us home.  It was so, so nice to pull into our driveway.  Lyric had fallen asleep in the van, so she didn't even get a first glance of her new home as we pulled into the driveway.  We carried her in the house as she was fast asleep and left her coat on her while she slept on the couch.  We had kept the heat turned down low while we were gone so it took awhile for everything to heat up. She slept cozily snuggled up in her jacket and a blanket. 

While Lyric slept, we brought in our luggage and did some unpacking.  We tried to stay awake for as long as we could, but I think we ended up falling asleep pretty early.  I guess we were all so used to sleeping in hotel rooms together that we all fell asleep in the living room!  We kept the fire going so it was nice and toasty.  In the middle of the night we were all wide awake and ended up watching a movie together.  The children thought that was great fun!  (So did I!)

Our original plan was to have Lyric sleep in the girls' room with them, but then we thought better of it.  We wanted her to really learn who her mommy and daddy were and we figured the best way to do this was by putting her toddler bed in our room.  Still, for about the first week we slept in the living room and gave Lyric her naps on one of the couches in there. 

One thing Lyric did NOT want to do was take naps.  She would fight taking them so hard - not physically - just with keeping her eyes open and by sitting up instead of laying down.  Her eyes would get so heavy and her head would start to nod and then she would jerk herself awake again.  When I thought she was finally asleep enough I would try to lay her down so she could sleep better.  But when I did... she would wake up and start to cry - she would be mad.  I should have learned the first time, but time and time again she would fall asleep the same way and I would try to lay her down again.  There were only a few times where I was able to lay her down without her waking up and crying.  Now we have her taking naps in her own bed upstairs in our bedroom.  She has transitioned really well.  When she wakes up from her nap she will call out to whomever took her to her bed to tuck her in and read her a story.  It's really sweet to hear her call out for Tyler, Laurel or Carissa.


P.S.  I finally did it!  I got caught up on all the posts I wanted to write about on our journey to Lyric! (And it's only been 6 months since we've been home with her!)  Now I can start posting some updated photos and let everyone in on some really exciting news that our family has!  Any guesses?   I need to switch the format of the blog around a bit also.


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  1. Better late than never! I had to post all of our adoption news after travel, too. Still enjoyed reading about your journey.