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Copied from Sunday, December 12, 2010 Travel Blog

Tuesday, December 7th – best meal in Guiyang and Lyric is attached to me!

Entrance to Joshua tower - across a bridge
Today was a lazy day for us in the morning because we didn’t meet our guide until 2:00 for a tour to Joshua Tower, which was nice place to visit.  The tower was old with neat lanterns in it.  The lanterns originally only held candles but were now wired for electric.
Carissa going up to the top
We took a walk along the river and then watched a gentleman fly a dragon kite for a bit.  Lyric saw some dogs also and got really excited about them.
We had our best meal in Guiyang today, and it was right off the river.  Vicki thought we had ordered too much, but this time our meal was excellent and we gobbled up all of it – I think we surprised her!  She didn’t expect us to eat much based on how much we had eaten before :) (when we didn’t like the food!)
Really neat lantern/light fixture
Oh, and everyone at the restaurant loved having us there.  We were really like movie stars sitting at our table b/c a lot of the workers were taking pictures of all of us.  Today I wondered just how many pictures we have of us floating around China and am curious to know if we were doing anything embarrassing in any of them!  Well, maybe I don’t want to know!
The best moment of my day happened at the restaurant.  A couple of the waitresses wanted to hold Lyric – but guess what?  She didn’t want any of them!  She stuck close to her mama – me!  That was the first time it seemed like she had truly attached to me.  It felt so wonderful, and it was an incredible blessing.
View from Joshua tower - I think part of this view is/was a school at some point
Back at our hotel Kevin and Tyler went and played pool.  I wish I would have been there to see what happened to the two of them, but the girls and I decided to stay in the room.  The pool table is in the same room of the hotel as an actual pool is, but the pool table is set up at a higher level than the pool.  While playing pool, Tyler bounced his ball on the table and it almost went off.  Kevin told him that he should be careful, otherwise it could bounce right off the table and land in the pool.  Well… a few minutes later someone’s ball bounced off the table, rolled across the floor, fell down to the next level where the pool is and decided to take a dip in the pool itself!  I won’t mention names (Kevin!) but I would have loved to have seen the look on their faces!  I guess they improvised some kind of net-thing to get it out.  :)
We saw these lions a lot
When they came back to the room we called it a night.   We were all tired from the day out and about.  Oh – we did make an emergency stop for diapers earlier in the day!

Beautiful bridge

Enjoying the view

Entrance to Joshua Tower

This is the most we saw of bamboo - all cut down!

Just a nice shot

The kids (and I) had fun walking on these!

Not sure what made them pose like this - but I love it!

"Help! I have been here so long that my legs are buried!"
Pay phone

What a darling

How about those baby carriers?

Nice shot
Carissa watching the kite

The kite watching Carissa :)

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