Friday, December 31, 2010

Copied from Sunday, November 28th, 2010 Travel Blog

I can blog!

We are here in Beijing, China and Kevin was able to get me connected to my blog - so happy now.  I have been missing telling about our travels.  You see, in China anything with the word "blog" in the title is sensored - but there are ways around it.

I only have a short amt of time right now so I'll give a quick rundown and then add more later.

Day 1 - Thanksgiving Day -  flights from Indy to Chicago and then Chicago to Beijing

Day 2 – Friday – still on the plane and arrived in Beijing at midnight
Day 3 – Saturday - visited the Forbidden City, saw the flag lowered at Tiananmen Square, visited where the city gates used to be on the edge of the city.
Day 4 – Sunday – had Chinese breakfast, visited a Christian church in the morning, had Greek food for lunch at a mall, went shopping at a mall, and had a traditional dumpling meal for dinner.
Day 5 – Monday – we are going to the Great Wall this morning and leave soon. 
Now that I am connected I will give a lot more details later.  We are all well and having a wonderful time.  The children are doing great!
At the airport in Chicago - we should be leaving soon!
Laurel is getting goofy waiting 8 hours at the airport!
On the plane to China!  Excuse the blurriness!


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