Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank you's - and some updates

I want to say a special thank you to my parents. Two weekends ago they let us have a yard sale at their house in Michigan. We were able to pack in a few items to sell from our home in Indiana, but the rest of the items were all theirs! They had gone through their house for the sale and donated all of the proceeds to our adoption. Thanks to their kindness and to all of those who stopped by to shop and those who made donations, we were able to raise $500! If any of you are on here reading this who stopped by the sale, I want to let you know that I enjoyed talking with you - and I did learn something important - from now on our signs will say "Child Adoption Fundraising Sale", instead of just "Adoption Fundraising Sale". We had a lot of people stop in who thought we were raising money to adopt an animal :)

I'm really excited about the new donations made to the puzzle fundraiser. With the ChipIn button we can't include donations that were given to us by hand or mailed in so we added a thermometer tracker to show the right total. It is at the bottom of the page. Thank you to those who recently donated - we really appreciate it and you can see that the border of the puzzle is almost completely connected thanks to your generosity.

Sadly (and a bit frustratingly if that's a word), we are not "officially" done with our homestudy yet. We are waiting on our criminal history background checks from when we lived in Georgia. Our adoption agency has reviewed the homestudy though and all the corrections have been made. As soon as we get that last piece of information we can package up all our paperwork and get it authenticated. I believe we have to send it to Chicago. I have a call in to our homestudy agency to see if they can let me know when we might have it back. It could be this week or even three weeks from now...

Oh! We were approved to work with a not-for-profit called Kingdom Kids. What it means is that if you donate to our adoption through them you will be able to write it off on your taxes. I'll try to get more information about Kingdom Kids and how to donate through them later in the week.

In His name,

The Burgess Family

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