Monday, June 1, 2009

Blessed to reach first fundraising goal – the same day the bill arrived in the mail!

We had a fundraising goal of $1,350, which is the first big payment due for our adoption. The very day we raised just over that amount, was the day the bill came in the mail. Coincidence? We don’t think so. We believe it was God showing us that His hand is a part of this process, and that He will be a part of it all the way!

I know I already commented on it – but our first yard sale was amazing financially – bringing in over $1,000 towards the adoption. That was on a Friday and Saturday. That next Thursday, we sold food at a Home School Used Book and Curriculum Sale. Thanks to the generous donations and food purchases of many, we were blessed with over $200.00 in just 4 hours of time! Then, the next day on Friday and then Saturday, we had decided to go ahead and set out the items left over from the first yard sale at our own home. We live off from US 40 where every year at this time there are hundreds of miles of yard sales through multiple states. We put out a few signs directing people to our sale and were blessed with another $200.00!

I know I write a lot about the fundraising part of this adoption, but I want to make it clear that it isn't only the financial aspects of the fundraising that we have been blessed. We have been able to speak with so many people that are adopting, have done foster care, are thinking about adopting, have had siblings who were adopted, and so on. We had so many people stop at our sales - just because the signs said "Adoption Fundraising Sale".

As a family, our eyes are being opened to something so big that words can't even describe it. Growing up, I would watch the television commercials saying that for just the price of a cup of coffee you can feed a child for a week. Those children are real! There are children that are starving not only for food, but for family - for someone to wrap their arms around them and say they love them - to stick by them and encourage them. To teach them of Jesus and give them a home filled with love. We are so thankful to God for bringing us down this road. We are thankful that we are able to provide a home to a little girl who needs one, we are thankful as a mom and dad who are looking forward to having another daughter, for two sisters who would like another to call "sissy", and for one brother who is already thinking about what he will do with THREE sisters instead of just two.

In His name,

The Burgess Family

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