Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A hunting we will go - for turkeys, a marriage license and birth certificates!

We were looking into getting copies of our marriage certificate and birth certificates online when we realized that we could just go in person to get them - that way we won't have to wait about 6 weeks to get them in the mail. We had been planning a trip to Michigan for the tulip festival on the west side and turkey hunting on the east side and since Lansing is right in the middle we can just stop in to get our state sealed and authenticated copies of our birth certificates. Then we can get the copies of our marriage certificate in between when Kevin and Tyler are out turkey hunting :)

Speaking of turkey hunting, at about 4:30 this morning Kevin and Tyler got up to go do a little turkey hunting here in Indiana. Kevin had requested eggs so I got myself up and made a couple for each of them. Tyler was surprised that I was up and cooking them the eggs - my usual routine for when they are going hunting is to pack them a breakfast and lunch the night before so that I can stay in bed when they leave before it is light outside.

After they left I got back in bed with my adoption folder and started writing a letter to China. Everyone who adopts from China has to write a letter to them saying why they want to adopt, promising to take care of the child just like you take care of your own children, that you would never harm him/her and so on. The letter was on my heart the night before and I am so glad that I was able to get down my first draft of it. I ended up finishing it after 5:00, turned off the lights and fell back to sleep happy that I had started on one more step to bringing our daughter home.

In His name,


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